Rs 115.00

      Carbon Paper Ref 9376

      340×220mm [Pk 100 Sheets]

      Brand: Deli

      Code: OA023353


      Rs 33.00

      Magnetic Ruler Ref 7860

      12" / 30 cm [Pk 2]

      Brand: Deli

      Code: OA023083


      Rs 63.00

      Index Card Plastic Ref HF289C(A-Z)

      A4 A-Z Tabs

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA017107


      Rs 28.10

      Index Card PP Plastic

      A4 12 Colours Tabs

      Brand: Winpac

      Code: OA024064


      Rs 135.00

      Binding Combs Ref CB510-10MM

      10mm White [Pk 100]

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA006034


      Rs 16.00

      CD Marker


      Brand: Claro

      Code: OA023695


      Rs 20.00

      Glue Stick Ref GA021


      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA018306


      Rs 10.50

      Paper Clips Ref AS-02

      28mm Nickel Plated [Pk 100]

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA005857


      Rs 140.00

      Mug Holder Tree Style Ref 193MT 4891342


      Brand: No Brand

      Code: MA005129


      Rs 69.00

      Envelope White Plain

      C6 (W162xD114mm) Peel and Seal [Pk 100]

      Brand: Paperline

      Code: OA023999


      Rs 98.00

      Punch 2-Hole Metal Body Ref PP8405

      Capacity - 20 sheets

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA023582


      Rs 80.00

      Multi-Purpose Cloth Ref AB9018

      W400mxD380mm Yellow [Pk 2]

      Brand: Addis

      Code: CA005090


      Rs 25.00

      Sticky Notes Fluo Ref G3030-1

      3"x3" W75xD75mm 100 Sheets/Pad

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA023753


      Rs 14.00

      Sticky Notes Fluo Ref G1520-1

      1.5"x2" W37.5xD50mm 100 Sheets/Pad

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA023749


      Rs 350.00

      Multi-Purpose White Labels Ref 8032

      W70xD37mm 24 Labels/A4Sheet [Pk 100sheets]

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA023433


      Rs 105.00

      Wood Water Colour Pencils Ref 42857

      12 Assorted Shades

      Brand: Carioca

      Code: OA023984


      Rs 180.00

      Waste Paper Basket Bin Metal Ref HY65001

      Ø295xH345mm Black/Silver

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA023573


      Rs 220.00

      Binding Combs Ref CB514-14MM

      14mm White [Pk 100]

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA006070


      Rs 12.00

      Staples No. 10 Ref SL002

      [Pk 1000pcs]

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA023542


      Rs 28.00

      Scissor Ref YG9011

      16.5 cm (6.5") with Tough Plastic Handle

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA023723